Home in Less Then a Month...


Places that I will always miss.

IPE was tough, and I passed.

Thanks to Allah who make it all happened, and not to forgot all the Doa from family who never fail to pray for me.

Living life with fear of responsibilities which I will carry on my shoulders just less then a year, life can never be the same again.

Life Events…

‘Kepoh’ is a Malay word which mean busy body. Being ‘kepoh’ is not really a good habit to have but sometimes it’s just how people show their care and concern. May be it’s not the most appropriate way to do it, but at least they have a good intention. Ok, so what is the connection between the topic and ‘kepoh’ ? Hmmm, not really sure myself, but I’ll try to link it as possible I can.

Being away from home is sometimes can be a little bit depressing and never doubt that little tiny bit of depress moment can lead to huge one! I miss my family, I miss my friends. There are so many things happen over there where I’m not in the picture. I missed the events here and there, and for this first 5 months, I already missed 2 weddings and I can’t imagine how many more wedding I can’t attend. Wedding is tiring, even though it not your wedding, but it is tiring. I know and I might be crazy when I mentioned I missed the wedding. Well, even though it’s tiring, be somehow I feel good every time I’m in the ceremony. Why?

I have a big family, and during this life event most of us will gather to celebrate and help with the ceremony. Yes, I know I’m not really anticipated in the conversation with my aunties, uncles or my cousins, but seeing them talking, laughing and making jokes I really really love it. Not just because they have weird and funny voices when they laugh, but it’s the sense of being in the family. Yes, it’s not because I missed the wedding so much but more of the people and the environment, the happy faces and most importantly my family.

Friends. Yes, I missed them and their gossips. Gossip is like their food, they can never live without it. Being away from them, I’m as well deprive from their gossips. It’s not all because of that, but most importantly, I found comfort in them and can always get a support when I need one, even sometime they come in very nasty word and tone that you feel you want to slap them in the face. Even so, it’s in the most sincere way, in their own style and only then you will reflect on it. I can never be like them as they are unique in their own way.

‘Kepoh’ and Life events. Yes, you have to be ‘kepoh’ to get into other people life event especially when they are far far way from you. It’s the only way to catch up with them, and even though you can’t be in the picture, but you will always know, you’ll be forever in their heart.

Missing My Sun...

One sun shine the world,
It rise and set,
never fail.

It break the darkness,
With dawn,
As sign of a new day.

New day,
New week,
New month,
New year.

Time flow,
But some people say it fly,
Whatever it does,
It happens in one way.

People live,
People die,
But the same sun,
still shine.

One world,
Different places,
Same sun.

Where ever I'll be,
I will always missing my SUN.

When you Change your course of Objective....

It's really hard to admit one mistake, and can you imagine how hard it is to admit thousounds of it?
Why do people make mistakes, when they already know that is wrong? Why they want to repeat a mistake when they already been punished?

Pulling effect it's how I describe it, in addition of 'one door open and the previous one closed'. When you first open the 'mistake's door' it will usually remain open for you, and it's serves as two purposes. The first and most important reason is for you to return back and close it, which second reason to allow you being confident to find another door which lead to another mistake, and then it will close. Once you open the second door, there will be a pressure that keeping your open more door and lead to more mistakes. This will pull your deep into the mistakes and it's really hard for you to revert to the right path. It's not impossible, but it's definitely Hard!

Many reason can make you open the first door in the first place. If we go around the table, I believe everyone can come up with their own huge list. But what I'm going to mention is about your focus, your aim and your objective. Focus and objectives can be your source of motivation if it's been view from a different plane. When we loss it, we tend to stray away from the main reason or in other word we lost our direction. You will be anywhere between your starting point and your aim when you loss your objective. You will start doing anything unnecessary, wasting your time doing something that definitely wrong. You may be saying 'Hey, I'm just being my self. If it wrong, who cares?' Yes, you are right, it's not wrong to be your self, but I know that you know that it's wrong, and look around there are so many people care about you, no matter how far or close they are to you.

Believe me, it's killing you when you fall deep inside the unknowing room lead by many unknowing doors. You may feel happy for this instance, but in the long run, you will feel the pain.

Syawal 2009

To live alone on my own, far away from my family is the thing that never ever crossed my mind. But as the opportunities come one by one, I guess it's worth trying and see what will happen next.

My first attempt was in 1999, when I decided to go to the boarding school in Segamat. Yes, it was a total failure, and I was back in JB 3 months after registered with the school. Surprisingly, in 2002 it was a successful second attempt to manage to survive 2 years in Muar Science School which is 178 km away from home. From here, the distance never ever getting less, but instead always keep going further and further away.

After completion of SPM in 2003, I pursued my A Levels course in KYUEM, Lembah Beringin and followed by IMU, Bukit Jalil where I completed my phase 1 of the medical course early this year. That was nine months ago. Today, while typing this entry, I'm pretty sure that readers are aware that I'm 10 773 km (+++++) away from home.

Eventhough with the experience living away from home, but to celebrate 1st Syawal far away from is totally a brand new experience. I can say, the routine of the first day is the same all over the world, but the environment is not. Here, the celebration is between you and friends yet indeed it was fun and exciting, but I felt something huge is missing this year. Being new to the place and the people, make it extra huge for me. Yes, this is what store for me for the next three years. Don't worry, as usual the course of time will change everything, and I hope it will be better in the future.

Selamat Hari Raya....

Khutbah After the Prayer.

Me on the way back from the Hall.

Some old and new faces in my life.

2 September 2009...

A Day to Remember...

Good Bye is two simple words but are definitely hard to say it with meanings!
The moment will come for every one to say the words, and mine was on 2 September 2009.

As I'm embarking a journey of 10 773 km away from my beloved country Malaysia, the words are simply hard to be spoken out. The words always follow by tears especially from the loves ones.

Mak and Abah

Tok Salleh and Mak Long

Tok We

Uncles and Aunties that never fails to give support!

Tok We, Tok Chu, Kak Pit and Family!


The Best of Friends!

Finally, complete!